People, plants, butterflies and dragonflies appear to be seperate, individual living things, yet each is an equal and important participant in nature. They share the same mind and life spirit. They form a single living organism.
— Masanobu Fukuoka, Sowing Seeds in the Desert
  • Build living soil. Civilisation depends upon six inches of healthy topsoil for its survival. Our goal as smallholders is to nurture soil that teems with micro-organisms and beneficial fungi, that will in turn feed the plants that sustain our family and our customers. Healthy soils = healthy plants = healthy people = healthy communities.
  • Use water wisely. Plants need moisture for survival (even desert plants get some water), but our aim is to deliver water to where it's needed as efficiently as possible by mulching, using water saving irrigation equipment and techniques, and by building soil rich in organic matter.
  • Treat the farm as a complete organism. We recognise that every element is connected, and practice techniques that regenerate and enhance the land, leaving it in better health than when we took stewardship of it. 
  • Grow mostly heirloom plant varieties. Unlike hybrids, heirlooms are a "commons", owned by all of humanity. The best way to conserve this common treasury is to grow heirloom plants in what is essentially a living seed bank.
  • Grow as much of our household's food as possible and trade locally for the rest. We aim to grow enough veg, fruit, staples to feed our family of five, but we know that reaching 100 percent is unrealistic. We also value trading relationships with other farmers and gardeners in the local community.