Hello, and welcome to Half Moon Farm! We're Justin and Kylie, permaculture smallholders in the mountaintop village of Hampton, Queensland.

Our food growing journey started in 1999, when we won 12 bales of hay in a raffle and used them to start our first, permaculture inspired vegetable patch at a rented property in Toowoomba. We've been producing fruit, vegies, herbs and livestock continuously, at various scales and in different capacities, ever since.

Kylie is a primary school teacher by training, and currently works a couple of days off the farm at our local country school. Justin is a freelance gardening journalist with almost two decades of experience writing for some of Australia's best selling garden magazines (read more about Justin's media work here). We have three school age kids - Marley, Monty and Fergus.

About Our smallholding 

After a decade at our previous property, Thistlebrook, we moved to Half Moon Farm in November 2016. Our three and a half acres is set on the edge of the village and sits atop the Great Dividing Range at an elevation of 740m, high enough to provide us with a relatively mild climate and a generous average rainfall of about 1000mm per year. We see our smallholding very much as a complete organism, where every element is part of a system that, in time, will function more and more harmoniously.

We're designing and managing the farm using permaculture principles, tailoring them to our unique set of circumstances and our desire to live meaningful, connected lives. This isn't a bandwagon we've suddenly decided to jump on. Our very first garden was inspired by reading a book about permaculture, and it's a design system we've utilised, quietly, ever since. With the world in a perilous state, yet still achingly beautiful, we think it's time to embrace and promote permaculture with more gusto!   

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